Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be home when you arrive?
     ~ No, you are welcome to be there but you do not need to be.

Does my dog have to be kept in the house on the day you are coming?
     ~ We love dogs and enjoy interacting with those that are friendly and playful.  If your dog is fearful or aggressive we ask that he/she be kept indoors during our visits.

Do I have to supply or tie the bag in the bucket?
     ~ No, we will look after supplying and tying the bucket liner.  We just ask that you don't overfill the bucket as we need to be able to tie up the bio-degradable bag inside.

What is a residential bucket service?
     ~ We pick up the contents of the bucket curbside once per week on a designated day.

What is a kennel bucket service?
     ~ Kennel buckets are a little larger and are guaranteed pick up, even if there is snowfall.  The only time we don't pick up a Kennel bucket is if the roads are not safe to travel.

How does billing work?
     ~ We bill on a per weekly basis, the invoice is delivered to your email at the end of each month and your payment is due the first week of each month for the services provided the month prior.  Billing on a weekly system means our bills are flexible and reflect changes to services or vacation periods as they happen.

Equal payments are easier for me, can I be billed this way?
     ~ Yes, just request equal payments when you sign up.

If I prepay will I get a discount?
     ~ Yes, for 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

If I forget to pay my bill, is there interest charges?
     ~ No, we don't charge interest on the amount owing, however there is a set fee added if no payment is made onto your account each month.

How much notice do I have to give to suspend or cancel service?
    ~ One week's notice is all we require.

If I have more than one dog what do you charge?
    ~ For Round-Up customers we charge an additional $1 per extra dog each week.  For bucket customers as long as the bucket is not over-filled it does not matter how many dogs you have.

I have a Chihuahua, do I need a weekly service?
    ~ For Round-Up service the answer is yes, it would still be a weekly service.  For a bucket service we would recommend a bi-weekly curbside pick up, it's all you will need.

I have a Round-Up service, but have a bucket here too.  Will I be charged if I use the bucket?
    ~ No, the bucket is provided to you for your convenience.  It comes in handy to deposit those dog-walk bags in (as long as they are bio-degradable or compostable) or if you need to scoop between our visits.  You are not obligated to use it, and will not be charged extra if you do.

Can I put newspaper or pee-pads in the bucket?
    ~ For dog buckets we accept newspaper, but not pee pads as they are usually not compostable or bio-degradable.  If you will be using newspaper and/or biodegradable pee-pads we can provide you with one of our special plastic-like compostable bags in addition to your bucket, as we understand that this type of waste can take up a lot of space.

Can I put kitty litter or other pet waste in the dog bucket?
     ~ No, sorry.  Dog waste and other types of pet waste are not treated the same when it comes to processing.  We do offer buckets for cats and take bags of shavings as well.  If you have several different types of pets in your family we have combination plans to save you money.

Can I put my doggy bag's into the bucket?
     ~ Yes, but only if you are using a bio-degradable or compostable doggy bag.  No plastics as they are not environmentally friendly and damage the systems we use.

I am a senior, will I get a discount?
     ~ Yes, we offer discounts to our Seniors, anyone with a service dog, and the disabled, as we believe in the power of the Human-Animal Bond!

What areas do you provide service in?
     ~ We serve all areas of the Fraser Valley including Abbotsford, Mission, Agassiz, Harrison, Chilliwack, , Cultus Lake and all areas in between.

What do you do with the waste you collect?
     ~ We dispose of the pet waste we collect by environmentally friendly means such as utilizing the sewage treatment plant and composting. We uphold the city bylaws, prevent the needless accumulation of millions and millions of plastic bags filled with pet waste that find their way to our land fills each year and help to prevent the spread of disease and parasitic infections.

Do you offer pet sitting, walking or grooming?
     ~ No, we are strictly a waste removal company.

Do you add tariffs or surcharges, like fuel surcharges on top of your advertised prices?
     ~ Not unless you  are outside the scope of our service area.  There are no surprises.  We like to keep things simple and honest.  We will let you know exactly what you will be paying upfront.

Is there tax added onto your service charges?
     ~ Yes our services are GST applicable but not PST applicable.  The GST charges are shown on your invoice​​​ along with our GST number.  The prices posted on our website are inclusive of the GST.

Will my Turd Wrangler scoop my yard on rainy days?
     ~ Yes, rain, hail or sunshine we scoop in all weather.  The only time we can't scoop if if there is significant new snow coverage, during natural disasters or severe weather advisory when it would be dangerous for our Wranglers to be out in the elements.

Will the Turd Wrangler feed treats to my dog?
     ~ No, we never feed anything to your pets without your permission.

Will the Turd Wrangler alert me to potential problems with my pets?
     ~ Yes, if we observe strange behavior or indications of health problems evident in the stools we will leave you a note card.  We will even let you know if we find that your gates or doors were not secured when we visited.

​​Do you work on holidays?
~ Yes, our Wranglers work on all Statutory Holidays with the exception of Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.  If your regularly scheduled service day falls on this holiday we will either pick up on the next day or "catch up" the following week.  Check your email as to the change.

​Do you work in all weather?
~ Yes, our Wranglers will work rain or shine with the exception of dangerous weather conditions like poor roads due to snow and ice, or severe weather warnings that could affect the safety of our Wranglers.  If the roads are not safe, or there is a fresh snow-fall covering the turds we cannot scoop.  We will pick up buckets for customers subscribing to our bucket service (unless snow has fallen the majority of the week hiding all the turds so that you could not scoop every day.)   If your regularly scheduled service day falls on these dangerous road days or snow days we will pick up on the next week's scheduled day or "catch up" on the next service date that the weather conditions subside.  

Do you still bill us for missed service days due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances?
~ Yes, our Wranglers will have to work doubly hard and take on much more volume of turds when services resume.  Our Wranglers work their buts off in these circumstances to get the then much bigger and heavier job all cleaned up.  This is why we bill for each week even when we are forced to miss one due to reasons beyond our control.  We do not credit for these missed days.

​​​​Do you offer service in Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, or West of 280th in Maple Ridge?
~ No, for service in these area's contact Scooby's Dog Waste Removal Service.  email:

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