"Shitty" Customers ?

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What happens to customers that do not pay for the services we provide?

These accounts are forwarded to our collections agency. ​​This will negatively affect their credit rating ​for six years.
​Shitty customers end up with Shitty credit ratings.

​As long as the debt is still outstanding, ​these people's names will stay on our sh** list.

​The only way to stay out of "ca-ca" is to pay for your services in full when it is due, and in advance.  Check your e-mail for your invoices at the beginning of each month, if we have not received a payment it will be reflected in your invoice.  We may suspend services to delinquent accounts if we do not receive payment or communication from them (our e-mails and phone calls to them are not returned).  

Don't be a "shitty"​​ customer, let us know if you ever need to suspend service for a while, stop services all together or need to make a late payment.  We don't bite!