Why hire a 
Turd Wrangler?

There are many reasons to hire your very own Turd Wrangler to do the dirty work, but we'd like to think it's because you love your pet almost as much as you love us, or maybe you just care about the environment as much as we do!

A few of the reasons people hire us:

 To provide a service which takes care of a necessary chore which is generally repugnant; ​​

 To take over a chore for those who may be physically limited and are unable to do for themselves;

 To free up time, for people with much better or more enjoyable things to do with their time;

 We provide a service which helps to guard the health of both people and their pets – feces harbour a lot of nasty bacterium and organisms that if improperly handled or not removed poses health risks;

 To overcome seasonal stress – the shortened daylight hours make it impossible to scoop the yard clean during the week after work, and the weather on weekends is often lousy;

 To create harmony in the home – no more arguing over doing the chore;

 In order to breathe easy – no more putting up with the aroma of soiled kitty litter, or the poop that has been stashed in the corner of the yard;

 For peace of mind – less worry about kids stepping in “land-mines” or having pet waste tracking into the house, knowing that the pet’s safety is the top priority with us, and we always make sure that the gate is latched when entering and leaving;

 To extending the much needed bond between people and their pets, especially for those who become physically limited and would otherwise have to give up their beloved pets;

 Concerns for baby, a healthy choice for expectant mothers who should not be handling cat litter;

 To have it done right!  Confidence – to be able to call in the professionals to clean it up right, when the mess accumulated over time or under the snow or was left behind by the last tenant, and you want it gone now;

 To reduce stress – a temporary illness or an injury prevents you from looking after the mess, some of our services can be covered by your accident insurance or autoplan insurance;

 There's no place to dispose of the waste, running out of places to bury it, garbage collector will not take it, cannot flush it down the toilet as it is not good for the septic system;

 Most municipalities prohibit the disposal of animal feces in with household garbage;

 To save money – dog and cat poop is rough on septic systems, as it does not break down as well as human waste. It can damage septic fields leading to costly repairs;

 Composting is not going well!  Composting dog waste is not recommended as it takes much longer to break down than other organic materials, and once it does, it must not be used where fruits or vegetables are grown. The use of this type of compost is limited and can only be safely used for ornamental plants.

​​ The weather! 

​​​​ I'ts dark when I go to work and dark when I get home from work and the weather on weekends is "shitty".

My kids and I love to play in the snow and build a snowman!​​

​​ It makes me gag!

 There has to be a better solution for disposal!


"I need an affordable ecologically friendly solution to disposing of my dog waste, kitty litter and small caged pet's litter."

"We are a Busy Family and have better things to do with our time!"

We clean up and dispose of the little "presents" your pet deposits in your yard. We also offer a weekly disposal service to take away kitty litter, dog droppings and litter from small caged pets!

If it's geese leaving their "calling card" we can remove those droppings from your yard too - call us for a quote!

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