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Our Story

  How it all began
  Our Goal

We step in so you don't have to!

  • Our Founder

    Turd Wranglers was founded by Angela Bartnik in 2008 after a lengthy an ongoing road to recovery in which she strived to reclaim her life after a serious motor vehicle accident almost took it. Her service with a smile and bounce back attitude are infectious. To meet her one would not know immediately the physical challenges she is left with, the fact she is living with a multitude of medical problems and constant pain. "It slows me down - but I don't let it stop me!"  Broken, battered and now a single parent she made strides to improve the quality of her children's lives. "I was broke, frightened and alone."


    Angela had been a regular face at Chilliwack's Downtown Family Place when an angel named Carol Dorn recruited her to enroll in the Family Literacy and Families First programs. These were free University programs offered through Community Services which provided academic upgrading, and life skills training such as Virtues parenting courses, time management, goal setting and coping strategies. The courses involve creative writing (to unlock our imagination and set our spirits free), self reflection (finding your inner person, the virtues within, likes, dislikes, direction and purpose in life), and of course the much needed child care while taking the classes. "I left there after two years of study a better person. My youngest child blossomed socially and academically in the care of the child minders, and I left with my confidence back and a solid plan to reach my goals."


    "When I reviewed my life list (lifetime achievement list, life to do list, bucket list - whatever you choose to call it) I then decided to return to my dream of owning my own company, and use an unfulfilled idea I had first explored at the tender age of 9 when my job was to clean up after the family dog."


    Angela was so grateful to her community that she put in more volunteer hours than most for several years, and still does what she can. "Contributing and helping others in need I am giving back to the community, but really I gain a lot as it gives me joy."


    Angela Bartnik is the past and founding secretary of both the Chihuahua Club of BC and the Chihuahua Club of Canada. She was a regular at dog shows, exhibiting and working as a dog handler.  She retired from the show scene a the top of her game having bred some of Canada's top winning Chihuahua's and many international champions under her CKC permanently registered kennel name.  She loves all breeds of dogs from the most diminutive to the giants and everything in between!


    A strong proponent of the Human-Animal Bond our CEO loves all creatures, especially the friendly furry pets that many of us share our lives with. Sustainability and eco friendly solutions for our planet is her other passion. "I believe we can always find better ways to reduce the impact we have our ecosystem and that each of us are equally responsible for the care of the world we share."


    Angela was re-married in May of 2013 to her high-school sweetheart. Her husband, Geoff Wickens, "stepped in" to her life and the business as "Field Operations Manager" and has loved every minute of it. Then, in 2021, Geoff developed serious medical issues of his own, impacting their lives and disrupting business operations. Angela and Geoff are working together diligently to overcome their new life challenges. Still, they couldn't be happier or more in love.  Their idealism and positive attitudes are reflected in the company's dedication to it's customers and in the service provided by Turd Wranglers' employees and franchisee's alike. As Geoff has said "It takes two or three good-looking capable, intelligent people just to replace me on the job so... Turd Wranglers will now be able to employ even more people!"

  • The Reasons Behind Our Goal

    Our goal is to support healthy pet ownership while reducing the impact on the environment. We keep our service fees as low as possible because our aim is sustainability and hope you will join us on our journey.



    What we do is important. There are dozens of reasons to keep yards, trails and parks free of dog poop, the biggest being health. Mental health, human health, dog health and the health of our environment.



    The human-animal bond is proven to be beneficial to mental health. The unconditional love a dog can give, or the company of a cat, can ward off loneliness, this being especially true for seniors. We are often called upon to provide the needed services for owners in order to keep their dog, protecting and lengthening their relationship.


    Dogs are ever present for us.  Humanity relies on canines to serve, protect, guide, assist, for search and rescue, to provide comfort and companionship and so much more.  Dogs deserve our care in return.


    Turd Wranglers aim is to provide all of their customers with "FASTER" service

    Friendly - Affordable - Safe - Thorough - Ecologically Sustainable - Reliable


    We are dedicated to reducing the impact of pet ownership on the environment, striving for ecological sustainability in our field.  

    Dog poop harbours a lot of nasty bacterium and organisms that if improperly handled or not removed pose serious health risks; It has also become a major contributor to the pollution of our watersheds.