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Description of Services and Pricing
Round Up
Bucket Services
One Time
Dog Parks, Municipal contracts.
Townhomes, Stratas, Condos, Realtors, Property Managers.

You clean up after your pet(s) but local by-laws prohibit disposal in your green waste and in your garbage collection.  It takes a long time to compost and then the compost can not be used for growing fruits or vegetables,  This is where we step in.  Our weekly bucket service we will provide you with one of our labelled buckets lined with a plastic-like compostable liner for you to use.  Once a week we stop by and remove the liner along with the poop and re-line your bucket. The waste is then transported and treated by us in our environmentally friendly processes. 

We offer Dog buckets for dog waste only - no plastic or other type bags allowed

We offer Cat buckets for cat waste in plant-based kitty litters only - no clay, or sand.

If you have tiny dogs, we offer a bi-weekly bucket if the total volume of waste in a two week period is

less than 1..5 gallons / 7 litres. 

We accept tender requests sent to us via email at turd_wranglers@yahoo.ca 
Our  research and development is unmatched in the industry as are our eco friendly initiatives.
Speak to one of our environmental specialists about dog waste management solutions, our research and development,  net zero waste initiatives, carbon neutral goals and how we integrate renewable energy into our process. 

We celebrate and support the human - animal bond. Certified service dogs of all kinds play a critical role in the lives of humans.  We rely on these service dogs for support, guidance, assistance, search and rescue and policing.  Then there are the beloved companions of our senior population, a bond equally as important. Seniors over 70 may at some point experience difficulty with activities such as doing the chore of cleaning up after their dog.  As seniors often are living on a reduced income we provide a discount to help with the cost of our services, services that help to preserve and extend their special connection.  Studies show  that seniors with pets are not as lonely and have a tendency to stay healthier.  

Kennels, Businesses, Dog Walkers, Groomers etc.
Service Dog's and Seniors

If you are environmentally conscientious but are not using our services we will be happy to supply you with our Pooch Papers for those necessary dog walk poop pick ups.

We will help you catch up with the dirty work. 

We offer a seasonal service to scoop up your back yard after the snow melts,

Or perhaps you moved in to find someone left their dog's landmines behind in the yard, or a collection in a bin that needs to go!  Maybe you are getting ready to list your house or have a family gathering in the back yard and need it cleaned a.s.a.p.

Left the dog with a pet sitter in your home, but the sitter didn't do the poop scooping and it's a big mess?

Give us a call and we will provide a one time round up or disposal only if that is what is needed. 

Relax!  There are more enjoyable ways to spend your time, and you can rely on us for peace of mind.  You can depend on our professional Wranglers to do a thorough job of managing your pet waste for you.  We will help you catch up then maintain your yard by scooping the dog poop up out of your back yard weekly and taking it all away.  We will leave you a bucket in case you need to scoop between our visits, whether you use it or not is up to you.  We will not charge you for it's use unless there is more poop than there should be in the week. 

"Thorough and reliable.  Our clients couldn't be happier." - Homelife Benchmark.   Select Real Estate. 

Whether a single service is all that's needed to clean up for an open house, or weekly grounds maintenance is the required, we are happy to be of service.

Contact us for a quote!  
We will work with you to develop an eco friendly solution to suit the individual needs of your business.
Speak to one of our environmental specialists about dog waste management solutions, our research and development,  net zero waste initiatives, carbon neutral goals and how we integrate renewable energy into our process.

"Life Changers!"

"My Kennel has used Turd Wranglers for over 7 yrs now. Great service and communication, I highly recommend them!" - Kathy, 

- "We can't say enough good things about them!"  Diana and James Weston, 

"My dog just loves his Wrangler, gets so excited when he arrives!"

"Five stars!"

Starting at just $5.77 per week.

Discount equivalent to the GST

$25 service call plus time worked.

Starting at just $12.86 per week.

If you wish to know more, please review these                                                  here.

What is an eco-friendly pet parent supposed to do?

We invite you to conduct your own research related to best practices and consider changing your daily plastic consumable to Pooch Paper!  



"Our Wrangler really cares!"